Take a look around and find out more about us and our long coated German Shepherds from  "DDR-bloodlines" - the "Wolf Pack". The site also contains information on our principles of and plans for breeding. Please scroll down the German texts until you will find the English version.

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    Neue Fotos vom T-Wurf...

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Our dogs DON'T LIVE IN KENNELS...  as a small close-knit pack they live in very close contact to our family in our house or move free on our land. Thus they also have free access for example to our puppy house (where our puppies live from their 5th week). In addition to the imprinting / socialization of our puppies until their 4th week of life in our house , this pack life enables an additional perfect and species-appropriate socialization of the puppies by all members of the pack and of course by ourselves.


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Our extensive knowledge and understanding of dogs speak for themselves. Being a registered breeder (member of VDR) it goes without  saying that we, without exception, not just fulfil  but endeavour to exceed all requirements and criteria related to the breeding of German Shepherds.

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In the first couple of weeks after they are born our puppies grow up in our open-plan living room. Once they are four weeks old they move into their spacious puppy house with integrated temperature-control. The adjacent terrace is protected against wind and rain which enables the puppies to gradually get used to the outside temperatures.

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The German Shepherd is a very active breed that needs sufficient exercise. Therefore it is advisable to engage them in a suitable activity.

If no dog sport is pursued the German shepherd should get ample exercise by walking, jogging or running alongside the bicycle (the latter only from 15 months onwards and after having consulted the vet).


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Here you will find fotos of our dogs and puppies.

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