November 2017 

Dargo, lovingly called Flossi, descends from reliable and long-standing DDR blood lines like the rest of our pack. He is a big and enormously robust male with a perfect and expressive head and a very well-proportioned body. 

Flossi’s character is the archetypal East-German shepherd… calm and patient, confident and with good nerves. He is always happy and mega friendly towards people and animals alike. But he can also be stubborn, another typical trait of the DDR lines. In his case it is stubborn, headstrong, defiant and obstinate. At times this can lead to rather funny situations, at other times it is just plain exhausting. In the end Flossi graciously deigns to complete the given task satisfactorily. One thing is certain, though, it is going to be a longer way to achieving his BH-title. We are working on it! 

Despite a height of 68 cm and weighing in at 43 kg, Dargo is extremely careful when playing with the puppies. Our good-natured grouch loves the puppies to bits and is the perfect nanny. 

When it comes to guarding his territory, however, there is no doubt that Flossi takes his job very seriously.

Update February 2020

Flossi didn't change his personality yet... he is still a funny stubborn man but meanwhile got his BH title and goes for FH title now. Simetimes he really loves to work but there are also days he prefers to say "Dear human, I'm sure you don't require me to do this ???!!!" .... just FlossiMan