Like all our dogs Tzar is a descendant from trusted old East German (DDR) blood lines. He is cool and confident, with very good nerves. Tzar is a cheerful and fearless daredevil, always up to mischief… confident, curious and open-minded and always friendly to all people. Outside on walks he is a boisterous and energetic guy who likes to carry out the jobs of his favorite humans but finally is not inclined to exaggerate. In the house – after „work“ is done“ - Tzar loves to simply chill around… just a pleasantly calm and relaxed guy. However, when it comes down to it he also likes to show what he can do. Tzar is member of the WolfPack though but has lived with our friends since he was a puppy. Living very close to us we are lucky Tzar is available as stud to the appropriate bitches of our pack.