Name Kenia von Excalibur
DOB May 19, 2015
Sire Oskar z Milberku
Dam Riona von den Grauen von Monstab
Color/markings solid black
Eye color dark, almond shaped
Height 24.6 inches
Weight 79,4 lbs

Iris Scholz


Results of examination

Hips normal
Elbows normal
OCD (Osteochondrosis dessecans) clear
Spondylosis deformans clear
CES (Cauda Equina Syndrom) clear
LTV (Lumbosacral Transitiional Vertebra) 0
DM clear N/N
MDR1 clear N/N
MH  clear N/N
Teeth/bite ok, strong scissor bite
Heart/Thyroid normal

DNA Test Results  Feragen DogCheck  (like Embark Test USA)


Kenia  doesn't carry for any of the more than 150 tested genetic diseases and therefore she is not at risk of developing any of these diseases

DNA on file