April 2017 

When comparing the blood lines, our solid black girl Kenia is somewhat the exception to the rest of the Wolf pack. She is a half-sister of our Drago and on her mother’s side descends from well-established "DDR" blood lines. Her father is the renowned Oskar z Milberku, an exceptionally strong and solid male from old Czech blood lines with DDR blood further down the lineage. Her Czech ancestors make Kenia a very interesting and promising addition to our breeding. 

As expected from this excellent ancestry Kenia grew to become a striking beauty – mega friendly towards humans and animals, intelligent with strong nerves and a steady character. 

Be it obedience, tracking or simply her nanny job raising our puppies – Kenia is always keen to participate. Her will-to-please makes working with her a pleasure. Like Zora Kenia has a strong herding instinct. As there are no sheep dog training facilities in the area Oskar’s bright little girl has taken to herding our cats with growing enthusiasm. The cats laugh at her and Kenia finds it incredibly entertaining. 

Although a sheep dog to-be Kenia is also perfectly capable to relax and just enjoy family life with her humans and pets.