Name Grey Kim vom Altdeutschen Wappen
DOB January 23, 2013
Sire Astor von der Wolfsmeile
Dam Easy Ronja vom Altdeutschenk Eck
Color/markings black sable
Eye color dark, almond shaped
Height 23.6 inches
Weight 62 lbs

Nora Kampf


Results of examination

Hips normal
Elbows normal
OCD clear
Spine normal, no spondylosis
DM clear N/N
MDR1 clear N/N
MH  clear N/N
Teeth/bite complete strong scissor bite
Heart/Thyroid normal
DNA on file  



Kim is a feminine, harmoniously built, spirited female with correct muzzle, muscular neck of very good length, correct width and depth of chest, excellent top line, excellent under line, very well angled hindquarters, correct croup, ground-covering gait and excellent coat condition.