I’ve been involved in German Shepherds for more than 45 years. My dogs are first and foremost my family members. I’m serious about having dogs around who I like to live and work with. I like a dog with a rock-solid temperament as well as keen intelligence and the desire and drive to please the handler, easily complementing homes and families with an active lifestyle.

Good working dogs – dogs who are FUN to work – are made up of more elements than just drive and hardness – I look for a dog who wants to spend his or her time with me, who always has a bright „What’s next?“ gleam in his eye and who is a pleasure to be with and to train. This is the goal of every carefully planned breeding I do and I want every puppy to grow up to be a joy in the work and in life.

All relevant information regarding temperament/nature/character and health you will find on my website for each dog.

All my dogs are x-rayed with best results: HD/ED free, LTV-0/1 (Lumbosacral transitional vertebra), OCD-free (Osteochondrosis dessecans), Spondy-0 (Spondylosis deformans), CES-free (Cauda Equina Syndrome) They are DNA tested.

Furthermore all our dogs are tested and CLEAR for 150+ health conditions by FERAGEN DogCheck - Austria  (same like EMBARK in the US) such like Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) and for the MDR1 Gene Mutation. 

Our East German GSD puppies consistently exhibit medium up to a bit stronger (but not crazy!) drive (of course depending on each special pairing), a natural willingness to please, confidence, and athletic ability, making them excellent candidates for SAR (search and rescue training), Schutzhund, service dogs, agility, herding, competition obedience, detection, or any other working endeavor – even mold sniffer dog. In fact they aren't couch potatoes but are able to relax whenever they feel you want them to do.

As in any litter, some puppies will be lower in drive and activity level and will make excellent companion dogs, others will be best for any kind of work/ training.  I would like to ensure that each puppy is in a home that is well-suited to its temperament, drives and energy level.

All our GSD puppies grow up to be dogs that need regular interaction, exercise and commitment from their human partners. 

Regular and ongoing socialization to various people, places, scents, sounds and surfaces is an important part of a puppy’s early life. Socialization begins at day one – all puppies are born inside and are handled daily – and their exposure to the world is gradually broadened as they mature.

Socialization does not stop when the puppy goes home – each new puppy owner must continue the process of introducing their new puppy to the world – including car rides, new scents, sounds, other dogs and other humans. We highly recommend that each owner should find a puppy kindergarten class to continue this socialization.

All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and health checked by a veterinarian before leaving for their new homes. At the age of 8 weeks they additionally are checked by the Breed Warden of my breeding club VDR and then get their 3-generation-pedigree of this club. Furthermore they will be UKC registerable (Please note:  NOT AKC). My puppies don’t come with FCI/SV papers!

Usually I have 2 litters per year. Basically, a Patterner-Mühle-puppy is 1500 Euro when the puppy is picked up at my place at the age of around 8 weeks. In case the puppy has to be shipped by Lufthansa (at the age of 10 weeks at the earliest) the price will be 1750 Euro plus shipping cost. Shipping from Frankfurt Airport (via Petair  = pet shipping service) to the USA is around 900-1100 Euro (depending on the puppy's size resp. crate size). Of course, you also could pick up your puppy here at our place. This might be the cheapest way and for sure the  best way for the puppy AND for ourselves than to ship with Petair.

VERY IMPORTANT… If you are definitely interested in one of my puppies of course, I would prefer to meet you in person but I understand this might not be possible for everybody because of the huge distance.  In case you can’t visit us I'll need as much information as possible about you and your way of life .  Where do you live... in a house with fenced garden / flat... very important to me... please send me some pictures…where and how long will the puppy have to stay when you are off for work... how much time are you able to spend with your puppy, especially during the very important first year of life? Will you train/work your puppy?

If you need more information on  „Patterner Mühle“ –puppies please let me know. 

Of course,  we also can speak... my phone #  is  +49 2461 6215 and of course,  you are  heartly invited to visit us at any time.