The German Shepherd is a very active breed that needs sufficient exercise. Therefore it is advisable to engage them in a suitable activity.

If no dog sport is pursued the German shepherd should get ample exercise by walking, jogging or running alongside the bicycle (the latter only from 15 months onwards and after having consulted the vet).

On top of the physical activity the breed’s intelligence, confidence and distinct will to please demand a fair level of mental exercise. The shepherd is at its happiest when being given a task.

Originally used as sheep and guard dogs by shepherds the German Shepherd can nowadays be found working with the police, customs, the military and aid organisations. The breed is being used as guard, service, rescue, assistance and guide dog around the world thanks to their intelligence and will to please.

Also a number of dog sports, both for recreational purposes and on a competitive level, are suitable for German shepherds, such as working trials, agility, obedience, sheepdog trials, tracking or search and rescue.

We train our shepherds for working trials, a versatile discipline that draws on all the breed’s skills, both innate and bred. It comprises nosework, obedience and bite work (Schutzdienst). And whilst we are training towards good results at trials our main goal is to engage the German shepherd in an activity suitable for a working dog and to have fun along the way. Another important side effect is a happy and relaxed pack.

At the same time we ensure that typical working dog traits are preserved, especially with a view to breeding with our shepherds. It enables us to identify the dogs’ characters accurately which is the basis for a sound pairing that produces a healthy and able litter.