Ebony, our black sable female descends from long-standing DDR blood lines. Having grown up as youngest female in an already established pack she knows how to behave as the last link in the hierarchy. She is very attached to her humans, especially her two-legged leader of the pack for whom she would go to the ends of the world. This close bond led to Ebby becoming the uncrowned get-away queen. Fences have been built higher, gaps in the hedge were closed… Little Miss Intelligent has been very resourceful to be able to follow her favourite human around and has kept us very busy indeed when it comes to all things enclosure. 

Ebby is very athletic with a lot of perseverance and shows perfect movement in all gaits. It is a joy to watch her when she, light on her feet and effortlessly fast, floats along and, every so often, leaps like a gazelle.

Ebony is not only very intelligent she is also bursting with vitality and enjoys every type of activity. Even though she has a very pronounced will to please Ebby has the ability to be carefree and relaxed. She is simply a lovely dog to be around.