Name Fels von der Patterner Mühle - called Rocky
DOB June 13, 2017
Sire Azyr vom Felsenschloß
Dam Kenia von Excalibur
Color/markings black sable
Eye color dark, expressive, almond shaped
Height 25,19 inches
Weight 83,78 lbs

Karin Wolf


Results of examination

Hips HD fast normal 
Elbows normal
OCD (Osteochondrosis dessecans) clear
Lumbosacral transitional vertebra 0
CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome) clear
Spondylosis deformans clear, no spondylosis
DM clear N/N
MDR1 clear N/N
MH  clear N/N
Teeth/bite ok, scissor bite
Heart/Thyroid normal
DNA on file  

DNA Test Results - Feragen DogCheck results (like Embark Test USA)

Rocky isn’t carrier of any of the more than 150 tested genetic diseases and therefore he is not at risk of developing any of these diseases



Rocky is a large, powerful and muscled male with a very strong head, beautiful masculine expression, correct front, well balanced chest proportions, solid good top line, good under line,  correctly positioned croup, well-positioned upper arm, correctly angled hindquarters, showing a free and powerful movement