September 2016 

Like the other members of our WolfPack Azyr is a descendant from trusted East German (DDR) blood lines. He is cool and confident with very good nerves. Always game but at the same time also very adaptable to different situations. Azyr is a keen participant in training and his perfect gait shows very well when he performs his exercises. At home he displays a calmness not expected from such an adventurous lad.

Our little heart-breaker has got an amazing character. He is very friendly to all people and animals and having grown up in the pack he knows how to fit in. Azyr is a funny and fearless daredevil, always up to mischief, self-assured, inquisitive and very open to new situations. But Azyr is also very close to his humans and likes to cuddle. Whenever he is in contact with our puppies he is very patient, affectionate and careful. In a nutshell, Azyr is a fantastic dog! Just the right mix of intelligence, will to please, loyalty, charm and joie de vivre make him a perfect four-legged companion.