German Shepherds have been a life-long passion of ours… you might call it dog experience.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of dogs speak for themselves. Being a registered breeder it goes without  saying that we, without exception, not just fulfil  but endeavour to exceed all requirements and criteria related to the breeding of German Shepherds.


...  but why just breeding  German Shepherd Dogs out of East German bloodlines only?

In early 2012 - after 40 years of life together with GSD out of West German show- and working lines -  we learned to know and  fell in love to  a very special „German Shepherd Dog species“  - the so-called „DDR-GSD“ whose anchestors were bred and selected  in the former GDR under very strict rules . The „OSSI“ as we lovingly call this type of GSD - is the extremely robust and strong boned, large and powerful,  mostly dark sable   „East-German brother“   with a straight back and with truly sound nerves – the superb companion with an amazing balance of prey and defense… always ready to go but so easy to live with… gentle with friends and aloof to strangers… just meet our  beloved „Ossis“ and fall in love to them  like we did…

In a nutshell

Our pack consists of carefully selected sires and dams with excellent physique and temperament with great potential for work, leisure, sport and family. The facts and figures of their pedigree, health and build speak for themselves.

Therefore we feel it would be a pity not to breed with our dogs and pass on their potential to healthy and well-adjusted puppies. In general, every litter should be as close to our own dogs as possible while aiming to perfect little „details“. We look forward to  applying our broad knowledge of German Shepherd Dogs, breeding, socialization and conditioning of the puppies to ensure all our litters reflect the nature and beauty of our own dogs.

Having said that, we equally expect adequate personal commitment from all our prospective puppy owners to guarantee that their new family member can enjoy a happy and healthy life. In our opinion this includes well-balancewd physical and mental acitivities, integration into family life and a stable and reliable environment for the dog.

…BECAUSE loving, consequent and responsible leadership is the basis for the perfect partner on four paws.

Naturally, we aim to give advice and support at every stage, not just before the purchase but also long-term afterwards.