Our dogs DON'T LIVE IN KENNELS...  as a small close-knit pack they live in very close contact to our family in our house or move free on our land. Thus they also have free access for example to our puppy house (where our puppies live from their 5th week). In addition to the imprinting / socialization of our puppies until their 4th week of life in our house , this pack life enables an additional perfect and species-appropriate socialization of the puppies by all members of the pack and of course by ourselves.  
As a very competent and sovereign leader of the pack our almost 8-ear-old DRAGO is still accepted by all our dogs. In dealing with our young dogs and puppies DRAGO is a very social and patient chief... the youngsters can learn so much from him. It is very interesting to watch the dogs' behavior and their natural way of life in the pack and - there is definitely much benefit for the dogs from this way of life in the family as well as in the pack.
February 2020